Management Systems Policy

As Ekinler Endüstri our goal is;

To be a prestigious, profitable and leading company who;
Prioritises customer expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction by acting in accord with national and international standards and laws to provide high quality products and services in domestic and foreign markets;

Helps employees and other social stakeholders to continuously improve and develop our environmental system and to participate in environmental efforts, making these efforts sustainable;

Provides trainings to raise awareness and instil personal responsibility in our employees in order to instil environmental awareness in all our fields of activity;

Takes applicable environmental legislations and other regulations into account and conducts activities with this awareness;
Takes environmental effects into account in products and processes, using natural resources and energy in an efficient manner;

Prevents pollution at the source by minimising waste and ensuring use of recyclable packaging; and
Reduces environmental pollution and undertakes social responsibility in this regard.

To this end, taking advantage of new technologies and training opportunities to ensure continuous improvement and development in collaboration with our customers and suppliers, with participation of all our employees and with strong communication constitute our main principles.

We believe in the necessity of using our resources in an efficient manner, with respect towards environment and our employees, ensuring occupational health and safety on our path to reach these goals.

Alican Ekin
General Manager

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