White Goods Coolers

As Ekinler Endüstri, we have been producing for the most important key role players of the Household Appliances Industry in Turkey and abroad, in line with the wishes of our customers since 1984, the year we were founded. In addition, we continue to work on the localization and development of our existing products. 

NTC Sensor
They are the elements that provide the temperature of the environment with the resistance values that varies with the temperature. We can produce these elements, which are placed in a plastic box, with the help of epoxy and with the desired length and type of cable. In addition, we can perform terminal and socket assemblies in line with customer requests.

NTC Sensor Applications
•    Cooler, freezer, refrigerator;
•    Air conditioner, heater, boiler etc. HVAC products;
•    Washing machine, dishwasher, dryer;
•    Bread machines, toasters, electric cookers;
•    Coffee and tea machines, kettles;

Thermal Fuses
Thermal fuses are disposable safety elements that enable the circuit to open when a certain ambient temperature is reached in systems with electrical and electronic installations. We as Ekinler Endüstri produce thermal fuses that can operate at the specified temperature and have different cable lengths. Thanks to our terminal assembly capability, we are able to produce thermal fuses that can be directly connected to the wire harnesses with the demands of our customers.

Thermal Fuses Applications
•    Cooler, freezer, refrigerator;
•    Electrical house appliances and heating devices;
•    Automotive industry applications;
•    Power supplies, coil wound products.

Reed Sensor
Reed sensors, which are activated by magnetic field approach, consist of contacts made of nickel/iron alloy placed inside glass tubes containing inert gas. Thanks to these structures, they are nor affected by oxidation and corrosion. It can work stably under high temperature and pressure.

Reed Sensor Applications
•    Refrigerators;
•    Washing Machines. 


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